BOTALYS is introducing its premium Red Ginseng to Japan where we seek a symbiosis between the ancient Japanese Kampo medicinal tradition and BOTALYS’ unique modern, clean, green, efficacious HRG80 cultivation.  

We make out grand debut at HI-Japan in Tokyo on October 2-4, 2019.

What is Kampo medicine

Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Kampo (Kanpō igaku) is a 2000-year-old Japanese healing tradition involving botanicals along with mushrooms, animal parts and minerals that can be blended and combined with other practices such as acupuncture.

It is a holistic practice based on the notion that the mind and body are entwined, and that health-optimising botanical formulations should be customised for every individual.

Kampo medicine is mainstream in Japan

In Japan, Kampo medicine is not an alternative style of therapy, rather it is fully integrated into the mainstream medical system and is an important part of medical student education and training. A recent study found 84% of Japanese doctors employ Kampo medicinal methods in their daily practice for ailments such colds and flus.

In modern Kampo practice, 150 formulas are commonly used, and ingredients are clearly defined and quantified. Since 1967, certain ingredients are registered as Kampo drugs and so recognised by Japanese Health authorities as efficient and safe. Health insurance schemes even reimburse for Kampo prescriptions.

BOTALYS' ultra clean and planet-friendly Red Ginseng aligns with Kampo medicinal tradition

In the past, medicinal herbs were hand-picked on a small scale from the wild forests and plains where they grew. Over harvesting and modern cultivation methods mean some medicinal plants are now endangered species, including many ginseng forms. This scarcity is coupled with environmental problems caused by deforestation and the use of herbicides and pesticides along with compositional impurities like heavy metals.

That’s where BOTALYS comes in with our unique vertical farming hydroponic cultivation methodology. HRG80® Red Ginseng resolves quality, safety and environmental issues while delivering the most efficacious levels of rare ginsenosides on the planet.

Paul-Evence Coppée, co-CEO :

“We’re excited about introducing HRG80® to Japan to demonstrate how modern cultivation methods can blend with this ancient and powerful medicinal tradition.” 

Holistic harmony: The totum and Kampo medicine 

As we do at BOTALYS, Kampo medicine stresses the importance of using medicinal herbs in their totum – that means whole ingredients that utilise the full spectrum of a plant’s constituent parts. By working with the totum, a plant’s inter-compound synergies are preserved.

Thanks to its clean cultivation and soft steaming, BOTALYS’ ginseng preserves the totum of Panax ginseng, further boosting its bioavailability and efficacy.

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