Ginseng, a miracle powder or just a smokescreen ?

Some people see Panax Ginseng as a Panacea, whereas others view it as a mere placebo. Is this medicinal plant a miraculous botanic or just an ancestral belief ?

For the past 30 years, several studies (sources) were carried out on Panax Ginseng and all clearly established that the plant boasts great energetic effects on our mind and bodies. However, in some cases doubt still linger.
There are several causes for this gap in perception :

Panax Ginseng contains around 10 000 components. Some are efficient, but which are not? The most active molecules of Panax Ginseng, known as Ginsenosides, can be divided into 2 subclasses: 

  • classic ginsenosides that usually represent the main percentage of the root but aren’t really bioactive.
  • rare ginsenosides that are present in much smaller quantities (that is why we called them rare!) but with a proven bioactivity.

Together, they constitute the total amount of ginsenosides, which, most of the time represents the concentration that ginseng market offers. This common practice isn’t really a mistake although it doesn’t provide information to consumers about the real effectiveness of the product.

Usually, Ginsengs with the highest rare contents are very old and wild specimens. But today, thanks to innovative Vertical Farming methods, Botalys is intent on changing the Panacea.

Thanks to a gentle growing followed by smooth cooking of the Ginseng roots (no extraction), Botalys succeed in bringing the concentration in rare ginsenosides to an unprecedent level and conclusively away from the placebo. The rare ginsenoside content in HRG80 (Botalys’ Red Panax Ginseng) is the highest available today: 10% by mass of pure root powder. 

We recently conducted a usage trial on 240 individuals with HRG80 and a Placebo. The results are stunning and clearly prove the efficiency of Botalys’ Ginseng compared with a placebo and even with a Market reference. This goes to explain why so many people think that Ginseng is a Placebo. Discover the usage test here.

The other reason to encourage Vertical farming is that Panax Ginseng is a very difficult crop to cultivate: the fragile botanical needs at least 5 years to become mature and requires a rich soil to grow. As the Earth is now facing land shortage and an increasing demand for tonic ingredients, agricultural techniques must be efficient. On the one hand, pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers are used excessively. On the other, since time is the key ingredient to grow a good ginseng, the duration of cultivation is never really respected. All these reasons result in an increasingly poor quality of ginseng making it impossible to ensure a high and a stable quality.

At Botalys, we cultivate Ginseng in a unique manner thanks to vertical farming done through hydropony and under controlled conditions. HRG80 is pure, clean and of stable quality from batch to batch.

Discover our usage test.

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