Hydroponic Ginseng: Revival of the Divine Herb of Asian Emperors

The medical effectiveness of Ginseng has been known since ancient times in Asia, where it played an important role in the geopolitics of Quin empires in 200 BC until the 16th century with the advent of the Chinese Manchu Quing and Korean Choson dynasties.

The first emperor of the Chinese Quin Dynasty, for example, sent 3000 soldiers to Manchuria to bring back Ginseng roots with the hope of giving him immortality. Taoism and Buddhism, both having great influence, considered the medical effects of ginseng as great mistery. 

The Quing empire of Manchuria was able to develop thanks to the trade of the high quality wild Ginseng of which it controlled the harvest. It is a simple Ginseng trader who federated the forces necessary for the advent of the Quing dynasty. 

One of his doctors wrote: "In order to test for true ginseng, two persons run together, one with a piece of ginseng root in his mouth and the other with his mouth empty. If a the end of three to five li (equivalent to 1,5 to 2,5 km), the one with ginseng in his mouth does not feel himself tired, while the other is out of breath, that is genuine ginseng root".

And it's the money coming from the wild ginseng trade from Manchouria with China and Korea that allows the remarkable transformation of this tribal state to a universal Quing empire.

At that time, the Asian nobility only consumed wild ginseng considered much more effective than cultivated ginseng. Today wild ginseng is an endangered species and worth as much as gold. Science has shown that the effectiveness of wild ginseng comes from a higher content of noble ginsenosides and acidic polysaccharides like ginsan. These compounds are in lower quantity in field cultivated ginseng.

Today, the effectiveness of wild ginseng can only be reproduced by modern hydroponics technologies simulating an accelerated aging of the plant by mimicking the combined attack of cold, insects and fungi. With this hydroponic technology, the "Divine Herb" of asian emperors is revived for the health of everybody.

At BOTALYS, we have been searching for several years in order to grow the best ginseng ever, one of exceptionnal quality that is similar to a wild asian ginseng of 20 years old. Thanks to our unique production process, ginseng plantlets are cultivated in hydropony trough vertical farming, in a totally sterile and controlled environnement.

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