Client spotlight - VeraSana with HRG80 inside: promising feedbacks !

Since end 2018, HRG80 is available in all pharmacies and organic shops of southern Belgium thanks to our partner Provera (Brand VeraSana). First feedbacks from the market are extremely promising!

Provera recently launched Ginseng Premium Adapt + with HRG80TM inside. The 20 years expertise of Provera on the Belgian market coupled with the outstanding quality of HRG80TM explain why this product launch is ahead of a great future. Our client as well as the medical profession are truly convinced about the efficiency of our natural ginseng. 

  • Testimonial of Mr. Cedric Mourlon, CEO of Bioholistic/Provera:

    “As we were searching for a new supplier of Ginseng, we met BOTALYS. We were immediately convinced by this innovation based on a unique way of production. The timing was perfect and the quality of HRG80TM was fabulous! All our team tested the product and directly felt its difference compared to other well known ginseng brands. We also wanted a safe ingredient without any pesticides or other substances. High quality meeting purity, that is all we could have dreamed of for our new Ginseng-based product."

  • Testimonial of Mister C.R, Belgian graduated Osteopath for 20 years:

    " In case of stressful situations, the active elements present inside ginseng help the adrenal glands to organize an immediate and more effective hormonal response. This harmonizing medicinal plant increases the body's resistance by inducing a prolonged and more powerful defense against the vagaries of life. That is why I recommend Ginseng Premium Adapt + to my patients who are feeling stressed. I have been using Ginseng myself for several years and I know about the different brands. With Ginseng Premium Adapt +, the results are immediate, that is for sure. In addition to being natural, this Ginseng is really bioactive."

  • Testimonial of Miss Christine Chauliaguet, Manager of By'O (organic shop):

    "I already tried 2 other brands in the past and for both I felt side effects.... Well, I thought that Panax ginseng does not suit me... End of last year, I opened an organic shop in a multidisciplinary center dedicated to sport and well-being. So I was extremely tired due to the work overload. That is when Sarah from Provera came to visit me with a new dietary supplement. Unbelievable... I felt the positive effects within a few hours : more energy without any cardio tonic effect, an appeased mind and a better sleep. The day after, I adviced my colleague to try too."

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