BOTALYS launches HRG80, the market's most bioactive Ginseng powder boasting an exceptional content of rare Ginsenosides.

- In usage tests, the powder demonstrated its efficiency and showed its exceptional concentration in rare ginsenosides and bio-availability of the latter during in vitro tests.

- This new active ingredient will be presented on the occasion of the Vitafoods trade fair held from 7 to 9 May on booth F84 of Western European distributor Natural Origins.

“After six years of research and development, our team successfully developed a unique process in the vertical hydroponics world, which allows cultivating rare medicinal plants in fully-controlled conditions for a better respect of the environment.

This innovative process allows obtaining an ultra-pure ginseng powder boasting an exceptional and constant quality. Along with HRG80TM, we are also marketing highly bioactive basil and are working on the development of new plants in exclusivity.” Paul-Evence Coppée - co-CEO of BOTALYS

HRG80TM, ultra-pure ginseng powder boasting an exceptional rate of rare ginsenosides.

The HRG80TM ginseng powder was developed in the aim of offering the world’s best ginseng. To reach its goal, BOTALYS focuses on controlled cultivation in a sterile environment to obtain the quality and purity of wild ginseng. The Panax ginseng root is then heated with water steam using an ancestral technique that has the advantage of improving the bio-availability of active ingredients. The unique HRG80TM ginseng powder has already triggered the interest of four key partners: a leading American food supplement in the market of food complements, European distributor Natural Origins and two Belgian brands: Nutrisan and Provera*.

Added value on the market**:
- 7 times more concentrated in rare ginsenosides
- Availability of rare ginsenosides 17 times higher
 - Quicker action noted during usage tests

Key benefits:
- 100% natural cultivation devoid of pesticides, solvents or enzymes
- Optimal purity guaranteed through a cultivation in a sterile environment
- Constant quality due to a fully-controlled hydroponics cultivation
- Exceptional content in rare ginsenosides including Rg3, Rg5, Rg6, Rk1 and Rh2
- Preservation of the plant's totum for a complete synergy between active ingredients
 - Produced in Belgium according to the strictest rules in terms of safety, ethics and environment

* Launch of a food supplement containing HRG80TM: Vera Sana, Ginseng Premium Adapt +.
** Evaluation completed in comparison with other reference brands on the market.

- Food supplements
- OTC products
- Food and drink
- Cosmetics

Allegations concerned:
- Stimulates vitality (1)
- Counteracts fatigue (2)
- Supports the immune system (3)
- Helps maintain good cognitive performances (4)

(1) EFSA-Q-2008-4397, (2) EFSA-Q-2008-4398, (3) EFSA-Q-2008-4646, (4) EFSA-Q-2008-4586.


Botalys is a Belgian producer of rare plants and ingredients that are beneficial to health whilst minimising the ecological impact on the planet. Botalys developed a unique technology in the world based on vertical cultivation hydroponics, which allows producing natural and highly efficient ingredients such as the HRG80®, the market’s premium ginseng. No pesticides, solvents or enzymes are used during production. Botalys’ clients include key players of the nutraceutic, cosmetic, food and medical markets wanting to offer their consumers the purity and force of nature, ethically.

Created in 2011 under the name Green2Chem, Botalys currently employs 9 collaborators and will double its staff before end 2019.

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