Anael De Maere production

Meet our crew : Anael De Maere


Ensuring the smooth running of activities in production.

Give 3 keywords that describe your work.

  • VERSATILE: It is essential to understand all the different steps of the processes implemented throughout the production line. Flexibility and power of adaptation are keys to master and control the numerous parameters: from the intricate science of the plant culture to the very technical aspects of the equipment in the production room, but also the management of the production team. Welcome to my life!
  • RESPONSIVE: To ensure production objectives while respecting a healthy working environment for everyone. I have to react quickly and make the right decisions at the right time. Nature can be surprising, so knowing how to bounce back in case of an unexpected event is essential.
  • MEDIATOR: Communication is vital in my job. Each member of the team has to feel good about his role. Through my position, I create a balance between the needs of my colleagues while meeting management expectations.


Explain a typical day of work at BOTALYS.

As Production Supervisor, my responsibilities are not limited to a routine established in a schedule. Each day is a new adventure! It depends on the needs of the production team, going from support for a precise task to solving an issue with the equipment. 

However, on a weekly basis, I make sure that: 

  • Documentation and material necessary for production are available to ensure the completion of the planned work.
  • Check of all the batches to be processed in post-production as well as the traceability of them. 
I do check premises, machines and cleanliness at the end of every day.

At the end of each week, I take care of the team planning for the following week, I collect the documentation and adapt the schedules if necessary.

In your job, what project are you the proudest of? 
What I am most proud of is BOTALYS scale-up: from the small start-up to the actual factory.
Having been one of the actors during the transition to a larger production capacity, taking part in transferring the process while bringing proposals for continuous improvement and optimization, brings me personal satisfaction and professional experience.
This constant evolution of BOTALYS motivates me. The challenge has only just begun!

If you would be a medicinal plant, which one would you be and why? 

I would be “Hemp”. Not for what you think but for all that this plant has brought to humanity: therapeutic effect, building materials, paper and clothing, etc … a plant with a thousand advantages!
Can you tell us how important Nature is for you?

I am a huge fan of nature. I have been growing vegetables in my garden for 15 years. Before my scientific studies and BOTALYS, I used to work as a gardener in a vegetable garden (permaculture / forestry) near Brussels. Soon, I will own a plot of land big enough to have my actual vegetable garden. 

During holidays, I like to hike in the mountains and in the forest.

Can you give us a mantra that drives you in Life?

I’m a very positive person. I always try to take life on the bright side.
Do you have a tip/advice to share in order to keep on performance and happiness at work in this period of Covid-19 pandemic?
I think it is essential to keep working and communicating with colleagues. It is vital to stay busy and change your mind outside the office too.