Dorsan finance

Meet our crew : Dorsan de Bonhome


Give 3 keywords that describe your work.

  • COLLABORATION: finance is an important support function for the company. The help of my colleagues (special thanks to Virginie) allows me to reach the deadlines despite the lockdown.
  • CURIOSITY: working in a rapidly evolving company requires challenging the status quo. I am always ready to jump into new subjects and keep on learning!
  • PERSEVERANCE: it is essential to complete each project to the end, get to the bottom of things.


Explain a typical day of work at BOTALYS.

My day always starts with a round to greet my colleagues. I miss them a lot because I got injured from a bike accident end of last year. So for me, the lockdown has begun earlier…
Although I have a few regular tasks (checking payments or monitoring budgets), each day can be really different from one to another. It depends on deadlines, ongoing projects and requests from my colleagues. Every day is a new adventure.
In your job, what project are you the proudest of?  

I am quite proud of the fact that I could respect the various deadlines (account closing, H2020 follow-up) despite the fact I had to work from home. 

Those last weeks have been like a marathon, requiring great collaboration and constant effort. It is motivating to work in an environment where each employee wants to make the company evolve.
If you would be a medicinal plant, which one would you be and why? 
Let me think?! I would answer Panax Ginseng (nobody asked me to answer this). Indeed, I am trying my best to boost BOTALYS by updating and controlling financial processes.

Can you tell us how important Nature is for you?

Nature relaxes me, helps me to keep calm. Whether it is enjoying a pretty view when you arrive at work. So that was before the accident, in winter. I enjoyed the sun which melted the frost on Ath’ hills… Or the spring sun which comes to heat your back during a walk outside with the children (without the bike; bike can be dangerous). Actually, I am quite conscious of the power that mother Nature has on my mood.

Can you give us a mantra that drives you in Life?

“What if I had a little coffee?”. More seriously, I don’t have a mantra. In case I need more focus, I do breathing exercises. 
Do you have a tip/advice to share in order to keep on performance and happiness at work in this period of Covid-19 pandemic?
Stay positive as much as possible!
Working from home allows me to enjoy my family directly after my job; they give me a lot of energy.