Botalys evolution 

  • 2011Launch of Green2Chem by Pierre-Antoine Mariage : 
    Consulting company specialized in Food and Bio-Technology, preliminary researches on vertical farming cultivation methods to produce hydroponically-grown plants. 
  • 2014 Fund-raising and 1st phase of R&D : 
    Paul-Evence Coppée starts as an Associate and co-CEO, selection of Ginseng as the key plant to grow. Three year journey, with Naturex partnership, to develop the Technology. 
  • 2017 Finalization of the Vertical Farming technology with Ginseng : 
    Ginseng produced on spec with x17 bioavailability, due to optimized and standardized growth conditions. Scientific understanding of “rare” Ginsenosides as key actives. 
  • 2018 Positive Commercial tests : 
    Change of identity from Green2Chem to BOTALYS  to reflect the success of plant improvements achieved, and new large scale Vertical Farm in Ath (Belgium). Commercial tests successful on 3 continents.
  • 2019 Start of Scale-Up phase :
    New fund-raising (€2m) & EU grant (€2,2m), additional production capacity of Ginseng, developpement of new rare & medicinal plants. 

Our science


Traditional agricultural methods are not enough to obtain “wild” quality in terms of bioactive plants.

In addition, harvesting wild plants poses a serious threat to species and ecosystems, decreasing the plant stock and impacts biodiversity. In the case of Ginseng, wild botanicals are now fully endangered by over harvesting. 

Offering people the exceptional benefits of medicinal herbs, we grow our unparalleled high-quality plants using a unique technology inspired by vertical farming and hydroponics.

What we offer


Our goal is to cultivate plants with a potency equivalent to the wild plants whilst preserving the Environment. One of our key products is a miracle of Nature: Ginseng, a well-known Asian secret for a healthy mind and body. 

Todays, it is used to help boost energy and the immune system, managing stress and stabilizing blood glucose. Our cultivation processes are inspired by Asian tradition and gives a perfect, highly-bioactive ingredient devoid of solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins, GMO’s.  

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Our Belief


RESPECT for People and Nature. Respecting, protecting and coexisting.

Our mission to care for people by preserving the earth drives our work at BOTALYS. We are proud to grow the highest-quality medicinal plants while avoiding pesticides.