BOTALYS' evolution : You can do a lot in 8 years

  • 2011 Launch of Green2Chem by Pierre-Antoine Mariage
    Research begins into vertical farming cultivation methods and hydroponics.  
  • 2014 Fundraising and 1st phase of R&D
    Paul-Evence Coppée joins as co-CEO. Ginseng targeted as key botanical. 3-year partnership with botanicals giant Naturex to advance tech capacities begins.
  • 2017 Finalisation of Ginseng vertical farming tech
    Optimised and standardised growing conditions produce HRG80 on spec with 17 times bioavailability of regular Red Ginseng. Scientific validation of rare ginsenosides as key bioactives.
  • 2018 Grand opening of large-scale vertical farm in Belgium
    Change of identity from Green2Chem to BOTALYS to reflect sustainable botanical optimisation as core mission. Grand opening of large-scale vertical farm in Ath, Belgium. Commercial tests successful on three continents.
  • 2019 Scaling-up phase
    Fresh €2m capital investment, plus European Union backs BOTALYS with €2.2m business development grant. Increased Ginseng production capacity and research scaled up into other rare and medicinal plants.

Our science

At the heart of everything we do

The synopsis is clear: Traditional agricultural methods can no longer obtain ‘wild’ quality in bioactive terms. That game is up. It has lost the efficacy battle.

Even if the bioactivity issue is set aside, harvesting wild plants threatens wildlife and ecosystems. Wild Ginseng is now officially endangered from over-harvesting, meaning much of it is now illegal.

Our innovative hydroponic vertical farming methods solve these problems, guaranteeing a safe, efficacious, clean and consistent Panax ginseng supply. That means world benchmark botanical bioactives free from adulterants like solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins as well as GMOs.  

What we offer


Our goal is to cultivate plants with the potency of wild plants without the negative environmental impact and presence of impurities. The miracle of nature that is ginseng is one of our key products. 

It used to be a secret of Asian cultures who for centuries cherished its potential to boost vitality and promote wellbeing. That is secret is out and the rest of the world is benefitting.

BOTALYS' HRG80 ginseng is the world’s purest – it is 100% free of adulterants like solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins and GMOs. It also pays the environment the respect it deserves. As we say – a miracle of nature.

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Our Belief


RESPECT for people & nature. Respecting, protecting, coexisting.

Our mission to care for both people and planet underpins everything we do at BOTALYS. We proudly grow the highest-quality botanicals, 100% free from pesticides and any adulterants. And 100% environmentally friendly. We wouldn’t have it any other way.