Rich in rare ginsenosides, the potency of HRG80 is seven times higher than other red ginseng brands, due to a better bio-availability, thus unprecedented effectiveness.

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As it is grown in a clean, sterile environment, HRG80 is 100% pure and natural: pesticides-free, mycotoxins-free, irradiation-free, solvents-free, enzymes-free, GMO-free.

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Our unique process ensures complete traceability, the highest quality product and the same composition from batch to batch. We are currently achieving the highest certification standards.

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HRG80 is entirely produced in vertical farming in Belgium whilst respecting the strictest environmental and social European standards. In addition, we donate one hectare to future nature reserves for every hectare of land that we liberate through our process.

Iso certification and compensation program in progress.

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Benefits of ginseng


East Asian Panax Ginseng has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Long considered as a source of divine energy, the ancestral medicinal plant boasts plethora advantages. Natural adaptogen Ginseng not only stimulates our immune, central nervous and endocrine system, but also works as a stress reliever, helping us live dynamically and serenely.


  • Stimulates vitality (EFSA-Q-2008-4397)
    > Boosts your body and your mind.

  • Counteracts fatigue (EFSA-Q-2008-4398)
    > Gives you the energy to fulfil your potential, every day.

  • Supports the immune system (EFSA-Q-2008-4646)
    > Helps you manage stress.

  • Helps maintaining good cognitive performance (EFSA-Q-2008-4586)
    > Boosts your focus and concentration.

  • Contributes to a normal glucose level (EFSA-Q-2008-4392)
    > Helps you controls your weight while balancing glucose levels.