Panax ginseng

The divine Herb praised for millenia

The origin of the panacea

Panax Ginseng Illustration

Ginseng has been used as a medicinal plant for millennia. The legend tells that, Shennong, the renowned herbalist discovered it and used it for its virtues on both mind and body.

Consuming ginseng roots has always been a nobility privilege. With pearls and fur, Panax ginseng was one of the 3 treasures of Manchuria during the Qing Dynasty. This precious botanical is even at the origin of the creation of the border between China and Korea.

Today’s growing demand has led to intensive farming producing in most cases contaminated and/or ginseng of poor quality. However, our dedicated team of scientists succeeded in recreating the perfect growth conditions, mimicking ideal wilderness, giving birth to a pristine Panax ginseng in the heart of Europe.  

BOTALYS ginseng is the fine powder grinded from steamed roots of this very unique Panax ginseng.

A ginseng like no other


Our ginseng is grown in a purified environment, offering a pristine botanical without any contamination, making it the purest ginseng in the world.


Thanks to ideal growth conditions, our ginseng has a molecular profile equivalent to the best wild ginsengs. Its unparalleled ginsenoside composition with high content in bioactive forms like Rg3 and Rg5, sets it apart from any other ginseng on the market.


Abundant scientific literature & multiple proprietary studies support the superiority of our ginseng, offering unmatched health potential backed by Science.

Proud adopter

Thanks to a collaboration with the esteemed American Botanical Council through Adopt-An-Herb Program.

We are sharing valuable scientific knowledge about ever-expanding links between Panax ginseng (Asian Ginseng) and health areas like energy, immunity, mood, libido, blood glucose and stress.

Ginseng health properties

Nootropic activity

Energizing effect

Immune support

Mood booster

Neuro protection

Sexual support

Metabolic regulator

Hormonal balance

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