Three sports trends in Nutraceutics

For many years, sports nutrition has played a significant role in the food supplements market (proteins, etc.). In the past, this branch was mainly aimed at physical performance fans. Today, this market is diversifying / fragmenting with great dynamism. Whether the sport’s approach is health & well-being or mental & physical balance, the aspirations are now multiple! It opens the way to new trends and niches for nutraceutical innovation.


Today, more than ever, the practice of a sports activity no longer necessarily responds to a desire fo performance but is increasingly part of a lifestyle by associating it with a healthier diet, yoga practice and/or meditation. Obviously, this trend, integrating sport into a lifestyle approach, will positively impact sports nutrition and nutraceuticals. This lifestyle approach to sport reminds us of “Athleisure”, a clothing trend that combines looks and sportswear. Interest in adaptogenic plants has also been added to this trend, as the active ingredients make it possible to combine mental balance, physical performance, and overall health.


The search for “super performance” gradually gives way to the quest for an optimal metabolic balance. So, nutrition and food supplements have a major role to play in this area. In this pursuit for optimization, pre- and probiotics appear to be at the forefront of nutraceuticals, just like adaptogens. Effective in the long term and useful for both preparation and recovery, they combine performance and balance, paving the way for a “health optimization” approach to sports practice. If the holistic approach is characterized by a desire for global fulfillment, the search for metabolic optimization rather responds to a desire to be at the top of your daily life.


Nowadays, virtual sport and other gaming competitions are progressively entering our cultures. As their traditional equivalents do, the people involved in these e-sport competitions show an ever greater desire for performances. This aspiration is not new since concepts such as APM (number of Actions Per Minute performed by the competitor) are very present in this part of the digital culture. But as the practice becomes more and more “mainstream”, the parameters are multiplying. The nootropic trend came to live to give this new audience means to optimize their capacities while providing an alternative to energy drinks and their side effects.