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We develop the most pristine botanicals by recreating ideal wild conditions, using indoor vertical farming.

Our passion for medicinal plants drives our desire to explore the full health potential of botanical biodiversity and share it with brands of tomorrow.

We are more than an ingredient supplier. We are botanical explorers seeking the new frontier in the world of medicinal plants.

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Medicinal plants were originally harvested in the wild by highly trained herbalists that selected the best specimens in a pristine environment to elaborate true herbal remedies.

Today, the ever increasing demand requires mass production using intensive agricultural practices. If these techniques are performant from a yield perspective, they rarely deliver high quality product with consistent molecular profile. Moreover, pesticides and contaminants defile botanicals purity, when it is not the victim of unscrupulous adulterations. If complex extraction processes can limit these issues, they do it at the cost of full spectrum loss.

At BOTALYS, we recreate wild purity through indoor vertical farming so we can growth true botanicals.


Only traceable, pure and bioactive ingredients thanks to expertise and standardized process.



The aim of this website is obviously not to encourage self-medication but exclusively to inspire professionals in phytotherapy and invite them to further investigate the health potential of the fascinating phytomolecules.


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The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 859096.


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