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Humans and botanicals go back a long way. About 60,000 years in fact, when early homo sapiens used the likes of camomile and ephedra as healing agents. Today, little has changed. People are still utilising the power of plants in innovative ways to optimise health and improve lives. 

But scientific and technological advances are taking centre stage in a climate where wild harvesting and traditional cultivation are increasingly endangered practices; and for good reason – they threaten ecosystems. 

At BOTALYS, we work hard every day to take botanical science to the next level. We have developed a unique cultivation method that not only grows more pure, efficacious plants, but puts our fragile planet first.

Key players from the nutraceutical, food, cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical industries who demand nature’s essence done ethically are turning to BOTALYS.

HRG80: Ginseng, done better


Our popular botanical is the most bioactive form of Red Ginseng produced in the world at scale. We call it HRG80 and it contains 80% rare ginsenosides which are Ginseng’s bioactive rocket fuel. That’s the same purity as ginseng grown wild in forests for about 20 years. 

Not only is HRG80 the most bioactive ginseng available on-market, it is also the purest as it is 100% free of adulterants, and certified to be so via our unique hydroponic vertical farms, followed by gentle root steaming.

Proud adopter of Asian ginseng

Thanks to a collaboration with the esteemed American Botanical Council through Adopt-An-Herb Program, we are sharing valuable scientific knowledge about ever-expanding links between Panax ginseng (Asian Ginseng) and health areas like energy, immunity, mood, libido, blood glucose and stress.

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    BOTALYS earns FSSC 22000 certification

    NEWS • 21.11.2019 •

BOTALYS supported by H2020

The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 859096.


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