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Humankind has used the power of botanicals since the dawn of time. At BOTALYS, we have developed a unique cultivation method that not only allows growing better plants, but that also cares for our planet.

Our clients include key players from the nutraceutical, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries offering their customers the essence of nature, ethically.

HRG80, Better ginseng


We produce the most bioactive form of Red Ginseng available at scale through hydropony: HRG80, made up of 80% of rare ginsenosides. BOTALYS' Ginseng boasts the same purity as ginseng grown in forests for 20 years. We offer our clients the best and cleanest Ginseng today thanks to our innovative cultivation method in our vertical farms followed by the steam cooking of the roots. 

Proud adopter of Asian ginseng

Thanks to the collaboration with the American Botanical Council and its program, we are able to share valuable scientific knowledge about Panax ginseng and its virtues on human health.

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Ginseng - White Paper #3

How rare ginsenosides help to maintain good cognitive performance.

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