Our Approach

We make the sourcing of rare medicinal plants both possible and sustainable, allowing our clients to harness the full potential of biodiversity while preserving it.

What we seek

The true meaning
of Wild Potency

Wild biotopes provide a pure and challenging environment for botanicals to grow in. This unique context promotes optimal production of bioactive compounds within the plants, making the molecular profile of wild-harvested medicinal plants both richer and more diversified.

However, with the fascinating intricacies of nature comes a great deal of variability. Wild environments offer rather limited batch-to-batch consistency and the low yields offered by wild botanical sourcing often result in fragile supply chains and unsustainable intensive harvesting.

And no other botanical captures this issue better than Korean Ginseng.

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What we offer

Impossible Sourcing made possible

Biomimetic indoor farming recreates optimal wild-like conditions inside a controlled and purified environment (indoor farm). This unique approach allows BOTALYS to grow rare medicinal plants equivalent to wild harvested plants but with an optimized molecular profile and absolute purity.

Temperature, access to nutrients, roots access to oxygen, … All parameters are meticulously tuned to achieve consistent wild potency at every batch.

What we strive for

Standing for Wilderness

At BOTALYS, not only are we committed to growing rare medicinal plants of the highest standards – we want to do so while protecting their wild ecosystems of origin. By mimicking wild biotopes under sterile conditions, we are able to eliminate the use of pesticides and any harmful substances. Only this way can we harness the full potential of natural biotopes, while leaving wilderness exactly as it should be: untamed and untouched.

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