Our approach

Biomimetic Indoor Farming is a process through which a plant's optimal wild-like conditions are recreated within a controlled and purified environment.

Our technology

Biomimetic Indoor Farming

This unique approach allows BOTALYS to grow rare medicinal plants equivalent to wild harvested plants but with an optimized molecular profile and absolute purity.

In natural raw materials, ensuring consistency in growth parameters is one of the biggest challenges to achieving high standardization. Today, BOTALYS' technology allows us to meet this challenge through a double control of genetic and environmental variability factors. Each growth parameter is meticulously tuned to achieve consistent wild potency at every batch.

  • Cultivar selection
  • Light patterns
  • Atmosphere composition
  • Thermal patterns
  • Ecosystem influence
  • Hygroscopic patterns
  • Substrate composition

What we seek

The true meaning of Wild Potency

Wild biotopes provide a pure and challenging environment for botanicals to grow in. This unique context promotes optimal production of bioactive compounds within the plants, making the molecular profile of wild-harvested medicinal plants both richer and more diversified.

However, with the fascinating intricacies of nature comes a great deal of variability. Wild environments offer rather limited batch-to-batch consistency and the low yields offered by wild botanical sourcing often result in fragile supply chains and unsustainable intensive harvesting.

And no other botanical captures this issue better than Korean Ginseng.

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Our Facilities

Located at the heart of Europe

BOTALYS' state-of-the-art facilities are located in Belgium, where the production of each of our premium botanicals is vertically integrated and carried out according to the highest quality standards.

Our Process

From seed to ingredient


Seed of Wilderness

Each of our R&D journeys start in the wild. We seek multiple sources for each medicinal plant and work with academic partners and botanical experts to find the best starting materials to achieve peak quality at the end of the process.


Exploration Room

Our R&D team is specialized in cultivar selection and biomimetic biotope design. Starting with the original collected plants, we develop our own cultivars and select the best one with targeted Health benefits in mind.

Once the “Champion cultivar” selected, we identify the environmental stimuli that support the plant in producing the best bioactive profile. Based on those stimuli, we design the biomimetic biotope that will be applied in our indoor vertical farm to produce the optimal medicinal plant.


Plant Nursery

It is time to multiply our cultivar into a myriad of plantlets. The plant nursery is specifically dedicated to those young plantlets and their specific needs; they are grown in an optimized environment before reaching the wild-like biotope, to avoid early wilting or withering.



Our garden is the pivotal room of our vertical farm. It is where our gardeners of tomorrow work to make sure each plant is at the right spot at the right time. Not only does each species require specific conditions to achieve an ideal molecular profile, but each specific plant can also require environmental adjustments along its growing process, and the garden is where they are performed.



Our vertical farm, fondly referred to as 'The Jungle', forms the core of our production. It is where we nurture our botanicals, in an environment engineered to emulatetheir optimal wild conditions. More than just a farm, it is a meticulously crafted habitat where nature's design is mirrored to provide each plant with the ideal ecosystem for growth and development.



This is where the freshly harvested plants are turned into the final ingredients. Depending on the species, drying, steam cooking or grinding are performed to obtain the final product.

The ingredients are then packed, submitted to Quality control and shipped to your lab.


Your lab

Our botanicals are delivered to our customers' laboratories, to be used in a variety of Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical applications.

With a global reach spanning the US, Europe, and Japan, BOTALYS' ingredients are supplied with all necessary certifications, including DNA identification, vegan, halal, and kosher, along with comprehensive quality analyses to guarantee the ingredients bioactive content, and the total absence of pesticides and heavy metals.


Your Product

BOTALYS sustainably sourced, meticulously produced, ultra pure and effective natural ingredients can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications and galenic forms, meeting the health needs and concerns of consumers all around the globe.

Each of our customers' products embodies our common mission to harness the extraordinary potential of plant biodiversity for the benefit of consumer's health, while preserving their wild biotopes of origin.