Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) is the most emblematic herb of traditional Asian Medicine.

And while its reputation as a tonic, aphrodisiac and elixir of longevity dates back several millennia, the benefits of this ancient panacea remain more relevant than ever in the field of medicinal plants.

Ginseng supply

A Sourcing Nightmare

In recent years, word of ginseng's extraordinary health benefits has spread across the globe, leading to an unprecedented explosion in demand.

But like any highly sought-after and valuable botanical, ginseng's success comes at the price of serious supply and sustainability issues - making it increasingly challenging for meticulous brands to source high quality ginseng.

Delve into the Challenges of Ginseng Sourcing
Flagship botanical

Korean ginseng by BOTALYS

Korean ginseng was the first botanical to be fully developed with BOTALYS' Biomimetic Indoor Farming technology. Not only because of its symbolic significance and deep-rooted tradition in herbal medicine, but also because its particular rarity and increasing difficulty of its sourcing. The unique challenge of ginseng's large-scale cultivation made it the ideal proof of concept to demonstrate the powerful benefits of BOTALYS' approach.


Of rare ginsenosides

Bioactive forms of Ginseng phytonutrients


  • Optimized Full Spectrum
  • Clinically demonstrated
  • Truly Sustainable


  • Ultra pure natural bioactive
  • Unique molecular profile
  • Beyord organic
  • Processed in EU
  • Vegan, Halal, Kasher
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Jin Y, Kim YJ, Jeon JN, Wang C, Min JW, Noh HY, Yang DC (2015) - « Effect of white, red and black ginseng on physicochemical properties and ginsenosides. » Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2015 Jun;70(2):141-5.
BOTALYS Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng for Mental Stamina

In recent years, the "mental load" has emerged as a prevalent public health concern with serious consequences for health and well-being.

Often associated with a "double workday“, evidence shows women are particularly affected.

BOTALYS Red ginseng was specifically developed to tackle this issue. With clinically demonstrated efficacy against several factors of mental load, BOTALYS Red ginseng is a unique ultra pure natural nootropic for Mental Stamina that offers all the benefits of Biomimetic Indoor Farming.

Fatigue77% of cases.
Stress63% of cases.
23%of women
14%of men

struggle with daily HEAVY METAL LOAD (IPSOS France, 2018)

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* Based on a Proprietary Clinical Trial (50 participants, 400 mg/d, 2 weeks)
** Based on a Proprietary in vivo Study (old vs young mice, 50 mg/kg/d, Y-Maze test)
*** Based on a Proprietary in vitro Study (neuron cells excitotoxicity model, 100 μg/mL)
**** Based on a Proprietary in vitro Study (rat primary hippocampal neurons, 1 μg/mL)
***** Based on a Proprietary ex vivo Study (mice hippocampus LTP model, 10 mg/kg)
Other applications

Ginseng for Health

Ginseng's potent and varied medicinal virtues have made it one of the most prized herbs of all times. Traditionally consumed as a longevity elixir, the precious roots are said to boost health, vitality and even sexual performance, earning them the reputation of a panacea (cure-all). Ginseng is also often referred to as the King of Adaptogens, for it shows extraordinary potential in helping the body modulate stress responses and promote homeostasis in a wide variety of physiological functions.

Modern research now provides abundant support for ginseng's health benefits. With no less than 9000 publications on PubMed, Panax ginseng is one of the most studied plants around the globe, yet it continues to reveal new and innovative therapeutic avenues in the fields of neurology, gut health or women's health.

Explore our thematic literature reviews and delve into the scientifically-supported health benefits of ginseng, an ancient botanical with tremendous potential to address the health challenges of modern living.