Ginseng for mental stamina

Recent studies have brought attention to Korean ginseng's potent neuroactive properties. From boosting mental clarity and focus to fighting fatigue and reducing stress, ginseng's demonstrated benefits for cognitive performance have made it an essential natural phytoactive ingredient in addressing the health challenges of modern living.

BOTALYS Red ginseng

Specifically developped to promote mental stamina

With over 9000 publications on PubMed, Korean ginseng is one of the most extensively studied botanicals in the field of phytotherapy. It is especially known for its potent adaptogenic virtues, which are at the core of many of ginseng's health benefits. Used to help regulate the body's stress response for millennia, this ancient herb holds tremendous promise in combatting modern-day symptoms of heavy mental load, such as anxiety, fatigue and difficulty focusing.

Recent studies have brought attention to ginseng's potent neuroactive properties; from boosting mental clarity and focus to fighting fatigue and reducing stress, ginseng's benefits for mental performance have made it a crucial phytoactive in addressing the health challenges of modern living.

>9000Scientific publications about Korean ginseng and its constituents
6Preclinical Studies
1Peer-reviewed clinical trial
1Perceived efficacy study

BOTALYS' signature Korean Red ginseng was specifically developed to promote Mental Stamina and help consumers combat heavy mental load. With an optimized molecular profile obtained through the fine-tuning of the plant's growth parameters, BOTALYS Red ginseng delivers potent neuroactive benefits, supported by several proprietary studies, including a clinical trial.

Proprietary Studies

Preclinical studies


A first round of in-vitro tests demonstrated the potent neuroprotective effects of BOTALYS' Red ginseng on rat neurons in glutamate and beta amyloid-injury models of neuronal degeneration. On healthy neurons, the ingredient even showed neurotrophic and prosynaptogenic properties.

BOTALYS red ginseng's effects were then evaluated in a murine model of cognitive decline. Memory capacity parameters of 2-month-old mice were compared to those of 18-month-old mice supplemented with BOTALYS Red ginseng. As they aged, the mice showed significant natural loss of cognitive abilities. But after 8 days supplementation with BOTALYS Red ginseng, old mice were able to recover 74% of the memory capacity of young mice.

Reaction time

(escape latency)

Short-term memory

(time in new arm)
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The Y-maze experiment studies short-term spatial memory and is a test based on mice's natural instinct to explore new environments. It evaluates mice's memory by measuring how quickly they identify unexplored sections of the maze and the amount of time spent exploring new areas.
Significant short-term MEMORY recevory in old mice
Proprietary Studies

Clinical studies


Following encouraging preclinical results, a Pilot, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Crossover clinical study was conducted to study BOTALYS red ginseng's effects on mental stamina.

The study was carried out in a call-center; a typical model for high workload and stress, and measured how BOTALYS red ginseng supplementation could impact focus, stress and memory over the course of 12 days.

Significant increase in FOCUS after 1 DAY

Negative control

BOTALYS red ginseng

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The attention score was assessed using the D2-test, and measured the daily difference in error rate at the beginning and end of the day. The results of the control show a clear increase of the error rate after 5 days, due to the accumulated fatigue. On the contrary, in the supplemented group, a significant decrease in the error rate was observed from day 1.

Significant reduction of STRESS after 5 DAYS

Negative control

BOTALYS red ginseng

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The stress score is a self-assessed value based on a questionnaire called Perceived Stress Scoring (PSS). In the control group, a significant increase in stress levels is observed after 5 days of work, while in the supplemented group, study showed significant attenuation of accumulated stress after 5 days.

Significant increase in MEMORY after 12 DAYS

Negative control

BOTALYS red ginseng

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Mnesic performance was measured using a classic memory test. In the control, memory performance over 12 days showed signs of weakening, although the values were not significant. In the supplemented group, on the other hand, a significant increase in memory score was observed on day 12 of the test.
Proprietary Studies

Usage test


While the clinical study statistically demonstrated the benefits of BOTALYS red ginseng on 3 indicators of mental stamina, it lacked an evaluation of whether or not these benefits were effectively perceived by the consumer.

A second double blind vs. placebo pilot usage test was therefore conducted to evaluate the perceived efficacy of a 20 day-long BOTALYS red ginseng supplementation on several neurological and well-being factors.

Feltmore dynamic
Felt in abetter mood
ExPeriencedbetter memory
ExPeriencedbetter sleep
More details
The study was based on a self-assessment questionnaire and found that a large portion of consumers could feel BOTALYS red ginseng's benefits on dynamism, mood stability, memory and even sleep quality after just 10 days, with the effects being incremental as the treatment was prolonged to 20 days.

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