Other botanicals

The R&D department at BOTALYS is currently working on the development of several other rare medicinal plants for commercialization.

Tailor-made botanicals

New Plant Development Platform

Thanks to a robust and innovative technological platform, BOTALYS has the potential to develop unique rare botanical for nutraceutical or cosmetic applications through exclusive partnerships with industry leaders.


Technical Specifications

Determination of the product's desired technical specifications and characteristics and project feasibility study.


Non-technical Validation

Bilateral validation of project compliance with legislative, pricing, operational and marketing requirements.


Rare Plant Sourcing

Establishment of a list of plant and / or seed suppliers who comply with the legislation and both partners requirements.


Vitroplant Production + Cultivar Selection

Production of plant or seed-derived vitroplants and selection of the most suitable cultivars for BOTALYS' process and targeted specifications.


Process Optimization

Optimization of the cultivation and growth parameters of the selected cultivar to achieve the biomass and composition specs.


Industrial Scale-up

Process scale-up from lab to farm, definition of quality assurance procedures and final product validation before production.

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