pierre-antoine mariage ceo

Meet our crew : Pierre-Antoine Mariage


Give 3 keywords that describe your work.

  • MULTI-SKILLS: To lead and make the best decision, you need a good understanding of all business aspects: Management, technologic, technic, finance, marketing, sales, law and administrative. This requires continuous training.
  • PASSION: Passion and involvement are necessary to move mountains.
  • CREATIVITY: Human spirit but also nature has a creative power which makes it possible to find a solution to each issue. You just need to clarify it.


Explain a typical day of work at BOTALYS.

Except for drinking my cup of coffee in the morning, no day at work is the same. My role is to define with my partner and the board of directors the best course to follow, to make sure that all the teams are aligned on this course and that there is no glitch. Decision-making requires having a clear vision of what is happening both inside and outside of the company. I organize my work between my “todo list”, my calendar and emergencies. What I love most is going to the field, contemplate the work done so far and listening to the informed opinions of each worker. In terms of routine, I’m much more effective in the afternoon than in the morning. I organize my time so as to leave activities requiring sustained concentration for the end of the day. 
In your job, what project are you the proudest of?  
Even if I am only there for a small part, I am proud of what we have managed to achieve in less than 10 years, in terms of technological development but also especially in terms of alchemy between the different individuals forming the Botalys team. It is the greatest wealth we have, and we must all work to protect it. I am also proud to participate, on our scale, in the preservation of biodiversity through our production of ginseng that does not require deforestation.
If you would be a medicinal plant, which one would you be and why? 
Clearly ginseng (Panax ginseng) because it stimulates concentration, provides mental energy and builds confidence. It is for me the plant most in tune with the concept of entrepreneurship.
Can you tell us how important Nature is for you?
Nature has always had a major place in my life. My studies as agricultural engineer have educated me on the complexity and beauty of life, on our place, our dependence and our impact as a human being face to the terrestrial ecosystem. The human species represents only 0.01% of the mass of living things on earth and yet we threaten the survival of the other 99.99%.

Can you give us a mantra that drives you in Life?

“It always seems impossible until it is done”
Do you have a tip/advice to share in order to keep on performance and happiness at work in this period of Covid-19 pandemic?
Communication, empathy and caring. In these complicated times, the changes imposed on our lifestyles affect each person in a different way. It is important to respect colleagues in their beliefs and to reassure them by putting everything in place to guarantee their safety as much as possible.