Sylvie defrere R&D

Meet our crew : Sylvie Defrere


Give 3 keywords that describe your work.

  • COLLABORATION: If I had to keep one keyword, that would be the one! Good communication and crew spirit are essential when we want to achieve significant results. 
  • PERSEVERANCE: R&D is all about patience and rigor in the long run. Even more when it comes to innovating in Natural Health.
  • FLEXIBILITY: It is a major asset in a growing company, every week is a new adventure. 

Explain a typical day of work at BOTALYS.

There are never two days alike. And my schedule is constantly changing, depending on priorities. However, the common point of each day is to support the production department with the main objective of delivering premium products to our customers.
In your job, what project are you the proudest of?  
I am proud of the improvements implemented in the process of Panax ginseng culture. A part of my job is to strengthen the production process while ensuring the best quality of ingredients, showing stable and high actives inside.   
If you would be a medicinal plant, which one would you be and why? 
I feel I would be St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), always keeping a good mood at work and in private life, with a kind of “anti-depressant” role to the people surrounding me. 
Can you tell us how important Nature is for you?
Nature has always been very important to me, and it saddens me to see how often mankind mistreats it.
On holidays or during my free time, I love hiking in the middle of nature. It literally soothes me and gives me a sense of well-being. Connect with Nature is vital for me.

Can you give us a mantra that drives you in Life?

“A journey of a thousand miles has always started with a first step.” (Lao-Tseu)
Do you have a tip/advice to share in order to keep on performance and happiness at work in this period of Covid-19 pandemic?
My advice would be to stay focused on what is good for you and to avoid unnecessary stress. E.g.: During this specific period of Covid pandemy, listening to the news once a day is enough… More becomes anxiogenic and does not bring anything. 
Try to stay positive as much as possible!