Valentine RH

Meet our crew : Valentine Willems


Give 3 keywords that describe your work.

  • COLLABORATION: When it is possible, I would rather have a collaborative approach. Sharing knowledge is the key to enrich debate and find adapted solutions.
  • PASSION: My job is much more than work; it is a passion.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Get as many optimized processes as possible to free time for essential tasks on the field with human beings. 

Explain a typical day of work at BOTALYS.

My routine is quite organized. I begin my day by reading all the messages from my mailbox and slack. After having a global view on what needs to be done, I make a TODO list before beginning anything else. I must rank priorities between urgent matters and long-term projects using the Scrum method. 
In your job, what project are you the proudest of?  
There have been so many projects already on both Soft HR and Hard HR levels. If I had to keep only one, that would be the introduction of the enneagram as a tool helping you learning better about yourself and your colleagues. It makes communication easier. Initially, this training was tested with the production team but then was even extended to the entire BOTALYS team. 

If you would be a medicinal plant, which one would you be and why?

As HR Manager, I feel my mission is to support people. So, I would say Acerola (Malpighia emarginata) for its boosting effect. It is a great source of vitamin C. Human beings are at the center of everything I do, and I want to help them feel at their best in the job that they are doing.
Can you tell us how important Nature is for you?
A great day is a day when I find the time to go outside, whether it is for running or a long walk in the great outdoors or even an open-air yoga session. 
The period of lockdown allowed me to create a homemade vegetable garden. At this stage, it is only one pot, but I see something much bigger coming! During these last months, I clearly shifted towards local and seasonal purchasing to respect nature more and support local producers. 

Can you give us a mantra that drives you in Life?
“Everything is possible”. There is always a solution. Even if sometimes the solution requires stepping out of your comfort zone. I wish to surpass myself and take up new challenges. I like to think outside the box. 
Do you have a tip/advice to share in order to keep on performance and happiness at work in this period of Covid-19 pandemic?
This particular period, especially the lockdown issue, pushes us to rethink our ways of functioning. We have to quit our autopilot. This is probably the best time to give a new meaning to our life, our work, our relationships, our needs, and our desires.
For my job, I had to find alternative solutions to the social contacts, which are deeply written in my DNA. Human contacts can’t never be replaced. Luckily, many digital tools are helping to keep contact and fluid communication.